Why Protect Your Nips?

Because my best friend made me a logo for my first book that I love so much I wanted to use it everywhere. Because we all have them. Because they provide pleasure and sometimes food. Because they are sensitive and close to our hearts. And because everyone has an opinion on everyone else’s nips (and everything else personal), so they need to be protected. Just like writing. And because you can take it anyway you want. Just like writing. And because I too am influenced and inspired by artists of all genres.

Protect Your Nips is a little random. I am a little random. Some people are capable of becoming excellent at one thing, blogging or writing about one thing their whole careers. It’s a blessing. One I do not have. I’m the kind of writer who

Speaking of the world being on fire, I’ve been thinking about how our division comes from everyone feeling powerless and put-upon.

Just kidding. Sort of. I have been thinking about that, but I am capable of keeping on topic for a whole essay. Usually. Writing on a singular topic all the time feels like a trap. I’d rather draw lines through the stars to come up with new pictures. Connect seemingly unrelated things. Follow a thought train wherever it takes me. Experiment in finding hope — one messy, twisted idea at a time. Make jokes about the hard things in life, and cats. I skipped blogging the first time around because it was too much pressure to think of any one thing I could stay focused on long enough to keep a blog going. But I do have things to say. Thoughts to share as I do research for my novels, visions for creating a better world. But, I do not fit in a box, or a brand with a specifically descriptive name. I’m like GE, I do a little bit everything, mostly do good, and sometimes destroy the world. My first book was nonfiction about breastfeeding. My second, a fiction novel about women in Denver politics in 1912. My third, an adult interactive murder mystery. This space is for all my other thoughts, ideas, newly forming themes for future works, and stuff I think is good but no one else wants to publish. All the things that don’t fit in a box - or an explicative brand.

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Experiments in finding hope — one messy, twisted idea at a time. Things are no longer working. The rules we've lived by are crap. It's time to start over. We are visionaries and the world is our creation.


Cassi Clark

Writer of stories that steal from the past and reflect our present in hopes of a better future. My interests are vast, my rabbit hole shovel is large, and my love of adding apples and oranges to solve the world's problems is interminable.